Monika Kaden writes in her Statement: "My life and art operate as one with each being the inspiration for the other."...

She broke with tradition. Educated in the BAUHAUS Tradition, she took her two sons and left former East Germany, to cross borders and to come finally to the USA. She was searching for freedom of living for her two sons and herself. She was longing to learn and to work in different cultures, to respect and to create far away from fulfill her goal of developing her artistic career in a hospitable setting. She found this in her home, in Santa Fe, N.M.

Several filmmakers and scriptwriters have lately shown interest to learn more about Monika Kaden, her life, and her single signature style of artwork. Documentaries were shown on TV, at several Film Festivals, and during lectures at Universities.
The film "All Days are Good for Being Born ...", The sculpting of Pope John XXIII by Monika Kaden,  by Mary Townsend, showed huge interest and was awarded at the ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. It was shown at several Filmfestivals internationally. 

The Canadian TV production "A Man Brought to Life" shows Monika Kaden sculpting Pope John XXIII and gives background information on Kaden's life and passion for the art. Kaden did all of her research for the Pope John XXIII sculpture at The Vatican and met personally with Monseigneur Capovilla, former secretary of Pope John XXIII.

Adventure Filmproduction New York City interviewed Monika Kaden at the foundry "Shidoni" in Tesuque, New Mexico, while she worked on the larger-than-life bronze sculpture "Dance".

Several international Print Media showed interest over the years in Monika Kaden and highlighted her artwork and life. You'll find in this portfolio a collection.







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