01/- ongoing 2017

"What greater gift than the love of a cat" (Ch. Dickens)

Bronze sculpture

Animal Humane New Mexico


 02/ - 06/ 2014

"Blind Date"

7 feet steel/paper-mache sculpture

Los Angeles, CA


05/ 2015 - 03/ 2014

Bronze Boots Handles, 22 Inch tall

"Easy Way" Shoe Salon 

Rostock, Germany


05/ 2013 and 08/ 2014 ,  

Bronze Sculpture "Christ of Unity", 22 Inch tall for upcoming 18 Feet tall Bronze Sculpture

New Pilgrimage Church of the South-West

Las Lunas, NM


Sculptural Project for Bronze “In Memoriam Giacometti - Walking Man” for

            Dr. D. Suttor .    (Headquarters of 3M Company) Munich, Germany

Mixed Media Panels “La Boca” Restaurant and Bar, Santa Fe, NM

Bronze Sculpture 'Pope John XXIII', Project by The Vatican for Catholic       

                      Community& Church, Albuquerque, NM

Three Bronze Sculptures “Dancer” on Jean Cocteau’s Essay “Barbette”,

                      Santa Fe, NM, USA

“People Series”, 15 Bronzes, Allan Glass, Chicago, IL, USA

 Bronze Fountain “Have You Ever Dreamt Of Flying?”, Dr. Bill Petterson,     

                     Albuquerque, NM, USA

 Basilica Cathedral Saint Francis of Assisi, Santa Fe, NM, USA

 Bronze Sculpture, 'Saint Francis of Assisi - Figure in Space and Time', 

                   Mary Lynne & Ron Aldrich, Santa Fe, NM, USA

 Mixed Media Work, Columbia Classical Ballet, Columbia, SC

Cover Program Book, Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Mixed Media Panels, Bobby McFerrin and The Santa Fe Youth Symphony,

                     Santa Fe, NM, USA

 Painted Silk Banner, Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Set Design, Santa Fe Jazz & International Music Festival, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Door Project, “Moore International Business School”, Columbia, SC, USA

7 Panels on Joan Cocteau 'Barbette', Scottsdale, AZ, USA

Painted Mixed Media Work and Set Design, Piano Bar “Vanessie’s

                         Santa Fe, NM, USA

Several Documentary Films and Features, TV and Radio Stations Germany

Several Set Designs, Mixed Media Projection Art, Germany, Holland, USA

Metal/Ceramic Sculptures, 'Weathervane', Amsterdam, Holland

Metal/Ceramic Sculptures, De Reuter Metallen, Amsterdam, Holland

Ceramic Fountain for Market Place, Halle-Neustadt, Germany

Ceramic Sculptures, Moritzkirche, Halle, Germany

Ceramic Sculptures, Design Shop “Flowers and Pots”, Berlin, Germany

Ceramic Relief and Sculpture, Melioration COOP, Neukalen, Germany

Ceramic Fountain and Ceramic Sculptures, Fashion Studio, Oschatz, Germany

Ceramic Fountain for International Garden Exhibition, Erfurt, German