Monika Kaden creates wooden panels and canvases in the photographic tradition her beloved grandfather, photographer Richard Wetterstroem, who taught her the art of photography at a very early age.

"I took his technique a step further; producing my work in my grandfather's honor," she says. "By using contemporary print techniques and incorporating drawing, painting and text, I have created a multi-dimensional effect. The results are very rewarding to me." 


Kaden tells stories on her panels. The seven panels after an essay by Jean Cocteau, "Barbette", hanging on metal ropes. Both sides of the panels are worked on - one side in English language, the other in German translation with photography, drawing, painting about "Barbette", the Tight Rope Dancer from New York.


The Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina has a Door by Monika Kaden. Placed as a divider in the entrance hall at the Department for International Business. The students and faculty loves the piece - it shows on one site images and text from Kaden's past in Former East Germany, the other site shows the freedom we (might) have.


Kaden also did panels for a Spanish Restaurant - she was allowed to photograph the chef and his gourmet creations during his work. Out of hundreds of shots they choose together the final photos and she worked with them: added color, drawings and added with the chefs OK the special recipes to the image - she added as well to the painting special herbs he brought from overseas.